What Is A Motorcycle Kill Switch? A Simple Helpful Guide

Kill Switch

Kill Switch is a red color safety mechanism button on the right side of the motorcycle handlebar to quickly shut down the engine and switch back on without reaching for the keys.

Kill switches are not limited in the definition. The kill switch or the engine cut OFF’ switch or emergency switch on a motorcycle is made to optimize the rider, as it helps to switch the engine on and OFF’ without lifting hands from the throttle. It’s particularly helpful in case of emergencies and also in saving fuel which will be discussed below but before jumping into that.

The kill switch or crisis switch or motor shut off/remove (switch) (even the naming is vague) is a red switch situated on the right handle bar of pretty much every advanced motorcycle industrially made today. It is a security highlight that can be utilized to slice capacity to the motor in case of a crisis. 

Kill switch is a shading security instrument button on the right half of the handlebar of the motorcycle to immediately close down the motor and switch back on without going after the keys. 

Kill switches are not restricted in the definition. The kill switch or the motor remove’ switch or crisis switch on a motorcycle is made to enhance the rider, as it assists with switching the motor on and OFF’ without lifting hands. It’s especially useful in the event of crises and furthermore in saving fuel.

How Do Kill Switches Work? 

The kill switch is introduced to cut the force supply from the motor as fast and securely as could really be expected. Obviously, this relies upon the sort of kill switch that is introduced, however the most well-known way it works is by including the flash attachment. 

Get this, the kill switch is associated with the motor through wires. So there is a sure measure of power and force that is in effect routinely streaming till the kill switch is ON’ (The electric circuit is finished). Also, when the kill switch is OFF’ the power is impeded and the electric circuit is broken which obstructs the burning of force from the motor. 

In straightforward language, when the kill switch is, the progression of power through wires to the sparkle plug is removed, because of which the motorcycle motor quits providing capacity to the gadget, making the motorcycle in the end stop. 

A many individuals have this inquiry as a main priority whether they should utilize the ignition key or kill switch to wind down’ the motorcycle. So here underneath is the response to this inquiry. We will talk about both the approaches to wind down’ the driving force of the motorcycle. 

Why Do Motorcycles Need Kill Switch? 

As talked above for what reason do motorcycles need to kill switch and how it functions, we should perceive what is the most ideal approach to wind down’ the motorcycle. Contingent upon whether the mood killer’ must be short or long. Here are the ways by which you can wind down’ your motorcycle. 

Motorcycle Handle Bar

There are two different ways to wind down’ a motorcycle: 

1. Ignition Switch

2. Kill switch

In the ignition switch technique, there is an association between the fuel siphon and motor. There are 3 situations in the ignition switch. Number one is OFF” position where the motor can’t turn over and the key can be securely taken out. Number two is On’ position the motor can be begun, and the key can’t be taken out in this position. Number three is Lock’ position where the controlling is locked. All electrical circuits are separated in this position. 

In kill switch strategy full force of the motor isn’t removed’, just the motor is wound down’ and the battery is as yet in power, if the ignition key is on. Means the light cloth and other advanced screen are on’ when the kill switch is OFF’. 

Everything has its upsides and downsides. The utilization of the Ignition key switch is to totally switch OFF’ the motor, helpful when the motorcycle must be stopped for a significant stretch of time while kill switch just kills the motor force leaving the battery on, valuable in signs and traffic and crises. Both are helpful whenever utilized in the right manner. 

Do Kill Switches Affect The Health Of Your Engine? 

A motorcycle has a kill switch because it lets a motorcyclist turn off the motorcycle without needing to take a hand off the handlebars since the button is within reach of the thumb. This lets the motorcyclist have total control of the motorcycle up until it’s turned off.

The kill switch controls the ignition. That implies there is a ton of force and energy in charge of your hand. As referenced over the elements of an kill switch, it’s dependent upon you how much of the time you utilize the kill switch. 

Unquestionably the kill switch was made to be utilized if there should be an occurrence of crisis power OFF’ however standard utilization of the kill switch can influence the wellbeing of your motor. Here is the secret. The kill switch is a system and with standard and extreme utilization of a machine, it denies its working. 

When there a nonstop stream and break of power and fuel, the motor burning gets upset, at last passing on the battery to weaken. Be that as it may, don’t stress it takes a great deal of separating to totally close a motor. Except if utilized senselessly kill switches are protected to utilize. 

How To Know When A Kill Switch Is ON? 

At the point when a dependable and advanced rider is en route to its objective, he\she needs to make a point to save the motorcycle assets however much as could be expected that incorporate fuel and batteries and at last cash. What’s more, as we realize that when the kill switch is utilized for a significant stretch of time, battery channel can be an issue. 

So to know and know whether your kill switch is being worked, here is something you should know. 

The kill switch is the ‘red catch’ on the right half of the handlebar and close to the choke with an ON’ and OFF” composing or semi-circle with a bolt sign printed beneath and a similar sign cut out with a cross is over the catch. 

In this way, to work the kill switch, you need to squeeze it upwards. Which implies now the motor is wound down’ however the lights and, cloth, markers actually function as kill switch doesn’t wind down’ the battery. Likewise, self-start doesn’t work.


With the information provided above I hope it is clear to you why do motorcycles have kill switches and how does it function. Along with the most important questions that have been already answered, here below are some frequently asked questions to definitely check out to clear more doubts, if it pops on your mind, so read on.

Common symptoms of a faulty kill switch or wiring include: No start – switch faulty or wire is grounding. Switch not killing the engine – switch faulty or wire disconnected/broken. Intermittent no start – faulty switch or wire grounding.