Bike Restart is an online blog aiming to provide helpful content and insights on motorcycle maintenance, motorcycle parts, and motorcycle riding.

The platform was founded in 2020 by a team of passionate motorcycle riders.

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In short, Bike Restart is primarily two things:

  • A team of people who are passionate about motorcycles and everything surrounding motorcycles.
  • A vision to provide helpful content on anything and everything related to the motorcycle and its parts.

When we started riding motorcycles, there were a lot of questions, queries, and confusion that went unanswered. We wished for something that could help us understand this bike world a bit more easily. Especially when we were beginners.

This is an effort to be that. To be that guide and go-to resource whenever a fellow rider has some query or wants to look up something about motorcycles.

We know we won’t be able to cover the entire motorcycle universe. Heck, it’s difficult to cover even one small part of it. Still, we would like to try. Hopefully, we will get there someday.


To be the go-to resource for motorcycle maintenance.


Amar Punekar

Amar Punekar

Content and Marketing Head

Amar is a mechanical engineer and a hobbyist biker. Bike Restart began as his passion blog, where he posted content about motorcycles. He has worked for a reputable global automotive company for many years.

Chandan Basu Mallik

Chandan Basu Mallik


Chandan has been working in automotive media since 1980. Has immense experience both as a motorcycle expert as well as an editor – in a career spanning decades.

Key Contributors

  • Shreyas Hallur: Avid motorhead. Technical writer.
  • Vikas Ravikumar: Car and motorcycle enthusiast. Content writer.
  • Uday Kiran: Content writer. Automobile engineer.
  • Sachin R: Biker. Writer. Content strategist.
  • Aishwarya Warkar: UX/UI designer.

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