Why Should You Own A Motorcycle?

2 Triumph Motorcycles parked

Have you ever considered your riding preferences? And ended up being confused. You hardly encounter any people in this fast-running world who do not own a car/ motorcycle in their house because we have to keep pace with this fast-running world.

Out of confusion, many people make the mistake of purchasing different vehicles from their original taste. That isn’t a pleasant fact because getting a cool car may not be affordable to everyone.

And making wrong choices can deviate your path. We aren’t here to convince you to buy a motorcycle. Instead, we want to discuss the positive sides of owning a bike. Although, it also has some loopholes because none of it is flawless.

How do you determine a motorcycle’s value? Here, a comparative analysis between car and Motorcycle will clear your doubts. Whoever thinks of getting a new bike will always think about having a car too. That’s how a car becomes a valid comparison for Motorcycle. On this topic, we’ll discuss where motorcycles can beat vehicles.

Comparing Motorcycles With Cars


Motorcycles generally cost less than cars.

The other times when it costs more than a car, the bike usually offers you a great engine power. You may think that even if a car costs more than a motorcycle, it does have multiple seats and an added comfort factor.

But, if you’re looking for personal use, then motorcycles are always a better option to proceed. Motorcycles come with different price ranges, which is pocket-friendly for almost everyone.

Better Gas Mileage

Motorcycles always provide you with better mileage than a car.

This way, it offers you two advantages – the first is you shouldn’t have to worry about extra fuel charges and the second thing – you make an environment-friendly choice by switching to a motorcycle.

Less Parking Issue

A motorcycle occupies less space than a car.

It becomes a headache when you visit any mall/ restaurant but can’t find much room to park your vehicle. However, it’s quite the opposite with motorcycles.

Motorcycles can be parked in very minimal space according to their size. So, if you are switching to motorcycles, you are going to reduce the area occupied in public parking spaces.

Easily Accessible

If you live in a big city crowded with traffic, you are going to face higher wait time, more irritations and a test for your patience whenever you hit the road. Those long queues in a city can last for more than two hours.

What would happen if you drove a car? Your day will be wasted in that traffic ofcourse.

But, if you own a motorcycle, you can think of alternative paths and easily reach your destination without facing much of the frustrating traffic.

Besides, if you are staying in a country where they don’t have developed roads and highways and you have to play Road-Rash, having a motorcycle gets you to your destination far faster.


When you purchase a vehicle, maintenance becomes your next step. And the cost could be high. The maintenance cost of a motorcycle is less than that of a car. I mean, look at their sizes.

In addition, you also have to invest more time and effort in maintaining a car than a motorcycle if you are not much into my vehicle is love way of life.


With both motorcycles and cars, durability is not an issue. But, as the vehicle gets old, certain automotive parts become inefficient and needs to be replaced. And obviously, it costs you more for a car than a motorcycle if you think of replacing them.

We have discussed the key points where a motorcycle performs better than a car. But, there are some advantages of having motorcycles which couldn’t be compared with any other vehicle.

Let’s dive into that aspect.

Understanding The Advantages Of Motorcycle Riding

a) It’s enjoyable, and you get excellent exposure to many techniques such as a knee down. When someone rides a motorcycle, they leave the world behind and get many experiences. When a rider rides a bike, they feel the wind hitting on chest and shoulders. The bikes are easily manageable and play diverse roles.

b) Riding a motorcycle increases your concentration. You can notice every minute thing happening in your surrounding. This way, you can eliminate all those things in your riding which make you uncomfortable. You become more conscious about the other vehicles on the road, which helps increase your concentration.

Sometimes, Many drivers are found as dozing off while driving their car due to many reasons. But you can’t see the same happening with motorcycle riders. The expert says that riding motorcycles helps you in becoming a better driver with each passing day.

c) Riding motorcycles can be a stress-relieving activity. You may see riders go on a long ride or hiking. The Motorcycle does a very commendable job in going on narrow paths. Suppose you live in a very congested area. Then, the Motorcycle helps you to overcome riding difficulty to some extent.

d) You might have come across the rider’s club of different cities. The Motorcycle carries an entirely new world within itself. As a new rider, you get exposure by joining the rider’s club. Here, you get to learn about so many techniques and aspects of motorcycles. Thus, riding a bike can form a new community.

e) Investing in a bike is better than sharing a cab covid-19 pandemic, as social distancing has become a new norm. So, as a daily worker, you should consider buying a motorcycle.

If the information given above convinced you to buy a motorcycle. But, as a buyer will be a little confused about what Motorcycle you should choose. Here’s a little buyer’s guide for beginners.

Buyer’s Guide

1)You may have come across thousands of bikes, and there’s a chance that you liked them all. But, you won’t need them in the future because their purposes can vary.  You have to make your preference in budget, purpose, and brand to make a wise decision.

2)While choosing any motorcycle, focus on long term solution. Choose a decent budget and always go for bikes that provide you comfort with a pleasant experience.

3)You will come across many bikes such as city bikes, sports bikes, hiking bikes, but you have to keep in mind your purpose of buying them. You have to make a wise decision regarding whether you intend to use it daily or for long journeys.

4) You should always buy those motorcycles whose spare parts don’t cost so much as maintenance is essential for long-term protection.

5) As a rider, always choose bikes that provide you with good mileage.

Things You Should Know Before You Start Riding 

After purchasing a motorcycle, it would be great if you invest in the following items. That will reduce your hurdles to half for sure.

Investing In Good Tires

No matter how much you accessorize your Motorcycle. You need to take care of tires. One should always replace their tires before it reaches the worst condition; tires can hardly last for a nine thousand KM ride. And, ignoring tire conditions can bring unexpected crashes.

Investing In Riding Kits

Never spend all of your money on only the Motorcycle. You should invest in riding gear because it will help you from any damage while riding. You should never forget that if your Motorcycle is powerful, your wearing gear should have the optimum quality.

Master The Brakes

You will know that most collisions on the road happen due to braking problems if you research this topic. When brakes aren’t applied at the right time, riders can anticipate problems. Sometimes, misfortune happens. As a rider, your one of the focus should be mastering the brakes. Thus, you’ll be able to save yourself in any difficult situation.